Fellows' Benefits

  • Personal career mobility and international visibility,
  • International teaching and research experience,
  • Fellows earn the title and Label “Fellow of the Africa-Europe Professional,
  • Networking with professionals globally and accessing the alumni data base.

Mobility Programme” which boost their experiences and profiles as international teaching and research expert, symbolises their role as ambassadors of EU-Africa cooperation in higher education as well as volunteer in the give back phenomenon to the African continent. Some targeted programmes are likely to pay teaching, seminar, conference and research participation fee based on specific donor agreements. A majority shall be based on non-salary stipends and volunteering arrangements. The level of support to each of the categories shall be spelt out in specific documents related to the programmes.

How Diana reach potential fellow experts

Through the website repository where experts’ express interest

Through advertised calls for experts

Through different African embassies

Through existing Europe-Africa, US-partnership

networks and programmes concerning higher education in Africa.

Through the local representatives in the western countries

Through African diaspora associations in the West

(African Country and community associations).

Selection and placement process

Selection of the Best African Fellows in the diaspora is done by department of academic placement and scholarships based on the recommendation of the Disciplinary College concerned and the expressed need from the African Universities. Selection of eligible institutions and programme is based on the gravity of the gap in expertise, the expressed need by the institution, availability of expertise and degree of institutional commitment. A separate selection grid by

the Department of Placement shall spell out the criteria for selection (e.g., Scientific gap and the necessity of the expertise, availability of expertise, justification-relevance of programme, available resources, effectiveness-efficiency, impact and sustainability of the knowledge).


The selection and placement is done on a regular, semester, Call and Adhoc basis whereby

Round the year

  1. There is a depository roaster on the website where experts upload their CVs and manifest to be Fellows of the programme.
  2. There is a depository where African universities requiring expertise expressly make the request for African diaspora expertise

Semester(broad selection)

 Where annually there are two rounds of broad selection and planned placements in the African Universities, every June and December.



Based on expressed need by the African University at any time of the year and the availability of the expertise. A separate criterion for adhoc selection and placement of Fellows shall be spelt out by the Department of Placement.


Besides the depository, a reminder call shall be made every March (against June deadlines) and September (against September) for institutions and fellows to manifest their interest. Retained fellows also declare their availability for the next teaching and research sessions


DIANA ry is finally here to facilitate the involvement of African intellectual diaspora in remote teaching and research collaboration as well as contact activities with African universities and research organisations.


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