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The activities DIANA ry are defined in different professional mobility programmes as below:

  • A general diaspora programme

Targeting at excellent academics and scientists of Africandissent all over the world to support teaching or research in any African university or research centre

  • A Europe-Africa Professional Mobility Programme

Targeting at excellent academics and scientists of African dissent in Europe to support teaching or research in any African university or research centre.

  • Country Specific (North-South) Diaspora Mobility Programm

This refers Diana ry's ability to respond to specific request development cooperation Country partners to address the role of their academic diaspora in Africa. The specific programme shall be labelled according to the name of the sponsoring country. E.g Finland-Africa Diaspora programme, Belgium-Africa diaspora programme etc.

  • A home coming programme

For excellent academics and scientists of African dissent wishing to contribute in their home

African countries,

  • An Africa-Europe returning scholar programme

For Alumni of European Universities resident in Africa who wishes to take part

in the scientific activities of his/her alma matter or any other European

Universities and related industrial organisation,

  • A European Talent to Africa programme

For European talented people - with rare and important skills for Africa’s development.

  • African women mobility programme.
  • STEM Professional Programmes

Duration of the Professional Mobility Programme

  • The duration of the Professional Mobility programmes is determined by the different components
  • Full virtual or contact Fellowship Programmes ranging from 3-6 months (maximum two semesters),
  • Short (Full time) virtual and or contact teaching and research support of one week to one month, Short courses and capacity-building of one week,
  • Daily seminars and conferences on key teaching and research areas relevant and requested by the African Universities,
  • Lifelong learning and Open university teaching.

NB. The durations are subject to discussions with the key funder of different programmes in relations to teaching fees and scholarships.


DIANA ry is finally here to facilitate the involvement of African intellectual diaspora in remote teaching and research collaboration as well as contact activities with African universities and research organisations.


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