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Empowering Africa Through Knowledge Exchange

Who we are

DIANA ry is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Finland, registered under the Finnish Patent and Registration Office with registration number 3241089-9. Our mission is to harness the expertise of African academics, researchers, and scientists in the diaspora, and leverage related resources to actively engage them in Africa's development.

Our Mission

We have launched DIANA ry in Finland, a global hub for knowledge, education, and innovation. Our immediate branches extend to Berlin (Germany) and California, USA, with plans to expand further to Canada, France, Belgium, and Spain. DIANA ry is dedicated to facilitating the involvement of African intellectual diaspora in remote teaching, collaborative research, and active engagement with African universities and research organizations.

What we do

  • Engage diaspora experts and their colleagues in research and education at African universities and related institutions.
  • Enhance the research and education capabilities of African universities and research organizations.
  • Facilitate the professional mobility of African intellectual diaspora with Africa.
  • Bridge research and teaching gaps in African countries.
  • Facilitate the placement of African intellectual diaspora in African universities and related industrial organizations.
  • Promote internationalization in education, science, and research training in African institutions.
  • Elevate the quality of education and research excellence in African universities by increasing the quantity and quality of teachers and research trainers from the diaspora.
  • Mobilize resources to support the placement and contribution of the African diaspora to academic, scientific, technological, and industrial developments in African countries.

Our Programs

DIANA ry's activities are structured into various "Professional Mobility Programs," both virtual and in-person. We take pride in assisting African universities by selecting and placing Fellows from the diaspora to address their specific expertise needs. Our management team comprises highly qualified experts, including Ph.Ds and Masters in Higher Education Management, with extensive networks across Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world.

At DIANA ry, we are committed to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange between Africa and its intellectual diaspora worldwide. Together, we aim to drive positive change and empower African institutions for a brighter future.


DIANA ry is finally here to facilitate the involvement of African intellectual diaspora in remote teaching and research collaboration as well as contact activities with African universities and research organisations.


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Pormestarinkatu 3 E 60, 20750, Turku. Finland

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