Dr. Bilola Theresia

Dr.Bilola Theresia

Adviser to the Central Administration (Finland)

Dr Theresia Theresia Bilola is a sustainability policy specialist, currently Deputy Councillor in the City of Turku’s council. She holds a Doctoral degree in social sciences (strategic planning in higher education) and has conducted extensive research and published on higher education management and policy. She is alumnus of the Erasmus Mundus Programme of the

European Commission (Higher Education Policies). She has extensive experience in academic (student and professional) mobility and therefore very resourceful in this maiden organisation for professional mobility to Africa. Earlier she served as partnerships manager for the Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association with 12000 members and also country representative for 8 years.Theresia has been involved in projects related to climate action, citizen engagement campaigns, and circular economy policies at the city, regional and national levels. She is a  member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps. Theresia is experienced in partnerships development

and higher education consultancy. She is also experienced and passionate about contextualising and implementing global climate policy, sustainable development goals and the circular economy at the national and local government and individual levels. In November 2019 Theresia was honoured with the Afro Finns Award (academic category).


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